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It’s hard to stay updated on the current security threats? Many companies are without a good IT support team for which to trust as like GP’s – alot of technicians dip their toe in the water with different areas, but when you believe that you have fallen victim to a scam or have a virus on your machine you want to make sure you use Computer Hero. We aim to offer excellent service at reasonable prices. We have trained technicians who can help you keep the computer running and safe for you. If you work with us, we’ll give you the protection you need for a computer for one simple payment. We are also open 7 days a week – and if it’s an emergency we are happy to assist outside of business hours with no hidden fees.

Best Virus Removal, Spyware Removal and Malware Removal Company in Brisbane

Our head Technician Robert Krajnyk is very familiar with removing viruses from customer’s machine. This is his speciality and a service that he is very passionate about providing. We own the website – Virus Removal Australia where we help people all the way around Australia after they have been scammed or believe that have a virus or malware on their machine. If your stressed or worried or have just spoken to the bank and they have recommended you contact someone – please call us so that we can do an immediate check on your own device or machine and secure it as fast as we can to protect against any data loss that you may have experienced.


What are the type of Viruses do your technicians remove?

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ТуреWhat It DoesReal-World Example
RansomwareDisables victim's access to data until ransom is paidRYUK
Fileless MalwareMakes changes to files that are native to the OSAstaroth
SpywareCollects user activity data without their knowledgeDarkHotel
AdwareServes unwanted advertisementsFireball
TrojansDisguises itself as desirable codeEmotet
WormsSpreads through a network by replicating itselfStuxnet
RootkitsGives hackers remote control of a victim's deviceZacinlo
KeyloggersMonitors users' keystrokesOlympic Vision
BotsLaunches a broad flood of attacksEchobot
Mobile MalwareInfects mobile devicesTriada
Wiper MalwareErases user data beyond recoverabilityWhisperGate

Virus, Malware and Spyware Symptoms (How do I know if I need a Virus Removal Technician)

Look for unusual behavior from your phone, tablet, or computer. Your device might have been infected with malware if it

  • suddenly slows down, crashes, or displays repeated error messages

  • won’t shut down or restart

  • won’t let you remove software

  • serves up lots of pop-ups, inappropriate ads, or ads that interfere with page content

  • shows ads in places you typically wouldn’t see them, like government websites

  • shows new and unexpected toolbars or icons in your browser or on your desktop

  • uses a new default search engine, or displays new tabs or websites you didn’t open

  • keeps changing your computer’s internet home page

  • sends emails you didn’t write

  • runs out of battery life more quickly than it should

  • Internet traffic from monitoring devices increases as data is being sent from your computer

  • Your home page changes when you first load up Google Chrome, Firefox Or Internet Explorer.

  • Can’t access the control Panel or start menu or other error messages which come from nowhere

  • Popup’s from your own virus scanner saying that you need to pay for a renewal service


Frequently asked Questions

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Cost of your Malware Removal Brisbane

We generally cap a virus removal for a computer at around 2 hours of work if we do it remotely or you drop off the machine to one of our centers across Brisbane. It actually takes a lot longer to remove viruses however by dropping it off or doing it remotely we can take our time (without the fear of you being overcharged as well) to make sure that we remove all the virus spyware that you have on your machine. In a lot of times if it’s urgent we can offer same day service as well. We know how stressful it is in a situation like this – you need someone that understands you and wants to help out – not just someone who wants your money.

Is there a free way to remove viruses?

There are plenty of virus scanners on the market that owners can run themselves to ensure that there machine may not have a virus. The problem is it probably won’t detect the latest viruses until several months after the virus get’s discovered. The window it takes between the virus being discovered to when it’s discovered and released by the leading virus removal companies can sometimes take several months and in that time you can’t afford for your machine to be sending out your personal information on the dark web.

Can you remove viruses by yourself?

The easiest way to remove viruses is by using an antivirus program designed to clean your system safely. If a virus is already on your computer, however, you may need to run this program under very specific conditions. The problem is, is that viruses come out every single day and it’s a constant game of Cat and Mouse. There is no sure way to know that you don’t have viruses still on your machine, without getting a tech to examine the programs that start up every time your computer starts up. This is what makes our service different from other technician services. Not everyone who is a computer technician is an expert at removing viruses. Sometimes you need someone to manually go through startup files for issues as well.. We have about 40 different steps that we do here at Computer Hero to make sure that there is no nasty computer viruses left on your machine.

Will McAfee remove existing viruses?

Alot of companies like Mcafee virus scanner have deals to install their software as part of a laptop or standard operating environment when you buy a new machine, like HP and Dell. Alot of the times they get paid millions of dollars in the hopes that customers will eventually choose their scanner over another scanner because it came in their machine. Personally at Computer Hero we have other virus scanners that we find to be more affective at removing an infected PC that we can recommend to you after our service.

How do I completely remove malware?

The best way is to stay off the internet completely or simply don’t download anything online. The problem is – this is almost impossible to do. Remember we are just a phone call away.

How do I completely remove spyware?

Spyware can be a little bit complicated to remove from your system. In our experience sometimes if a partner has installed software on your machine to spy on your activities it can be very hard for a normal technician to remove these viruses as unless you know a lot of the way’s these programs don’t get picked up by regular virus scanners. If you think that your spouse, or x partner has installed monitoring on your computer to spy on your websites you’ve visited as well as internet history – contact us so that we can thoroughly go through your machine to make sure nothing bad is on there reporting back to your partner about your online activities.